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We know that questions arise with our new model. How a 14” notebook can weigh only 1,55 kg? How a 19 mm thin device can have an Ethernet connector when others have not been able to fit one in? Can you really opt for touchscreen and a Smart Card Reader for your Ultrabook™? Our business notebook is clearly as close to state-of-the-art excellence as possible.

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Same dockable family with LIFEBOOK E

New FUJITSU LIFEBOOK U745 Ultrabook™ has the same docking station compatibility as the popular LIFEBOOK E Series models. Businesses can finally use a broad range of devices using shared accessories. There are already two series of FUJITSU LIFEBOOK E with 2 or 3 device size options each. Moreover, each size is available in 2-3 different feature versions, and each feature version can be used with any situation-specific accessories. You can even slip a projector into your notebook!

Fujitsu Business Notebooks

Fujitsu Business Notebooks

Now it’s easy to spot a happy IT-manager!

Employees have their reasons to demand devices suited to their tastes and individual needs. This can be challenging to IT-managers who should aim at standardizing the corporate IT-infrastructure. Now it’s easy to accommodate all employees’ demands as all E Series models share the same components and software, and all accessories can be shared too. What is more, the new star of business notebooks uses the same docking stations.

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Fujitsu Business Notebooks

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